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Calf Hamstring Stretcher

The Incredible Calf Master Stretch/Flexibility Training System. Includes a 3 minute download of Stacey's recommended exercises. A must for all dancers by stretching the feet by flexing back the opposite way improves the toe point and helps prevents injuries. I use it on my clients to speed up rehab on different lower leg issues. It is  designed to help bring immediate relief  of foot ,Achilles tenderness and pain by stretching /strengthening  the leg and calf muscles. By deep stretching the Achilles tendon, it enables the stretch to go all the way up the hamstrings to clear tightness behind the knee and improve extension which increases flexibility, sports performance and range of motion. More benefits include increase jump height, clear shin splints, core strength & balance while developing your leg and calf muscles by using your body weight. Every dancer, martial artist, gymnast, figure skater,  athlete or anyone with tight calf, knee, hamstring and Achilles pain would benefit by making this a part of your training routine.

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