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"Extensions for Days"

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If you can’t do splits, touch your toes or straighten legs fully due to tightness, it makes it difficult even to practice leg extensions - Let alone experience significant progress. You will be guided in a step by step method In this course not only will you improve your extensions you will find Improvement in all the splits, overall greater performance. You can go to all the classes in the world but, progress is limited if you don't do real flexibility training combined with these core exercises to awaken the proper muscles to experience a noticeable increase in your range of motion 

Follow along as Stacey guides two ballet dancers 1 pre-pro top ten YAGP Malena Ani for intermediate to advanced level, she is  now with the professional division of Pacific Northwest Ballet and Samantha Drake for the advanced beginner to intermediate level. This program is also good for gymnasts, performers, martial artist, circus arts, competitive dancers, acro-yoga, acrobatics, ice dancers, stunt performers, action actors or anyone serious about improving over-all flexibility, balance and injury prevention