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Flexibility Makeover for Dancers Held Back By Tightness

Flexibility Makeover for Dancers Held Back By Tightness

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Flexibility Makeover for Dancers held back by Tightness running time: 54:35

Beginner- Intermediate. Filmed Skype ( please excuse occasional tech glitches) This is a filmed Skype session with Ella who is a 10 year old dancer at the School of American Ballet. She has studied ballet for 7 1/2 years and is currently performing with the New York City Ballet in The Nutcracker.

 Ella had a lot of pain in her ankles, feet & Achilles. This tightness ran all the way up into her hamstrings. This and much more got cleared!

Testimonial feedback from this actual Skype session

"Ella has always struggled with flexibility to the point where she believed she wasn’t going to ever get her splits. After just one session with you, she was almost down to the floor. We cannot thank you enough for you skill and technique, but more importantly, your kindness and encouragement of Ella during the session. She loved every minute of it" Warmly, Janie and Ella"