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Secrets of Splits & Flexibility

Secrets of Splits & Flexibility

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 Original version 36 minutes. For a long time, my worldwide fans have asked me for advice on training techniques. Renowned martial artists want to know how to become more flexible to achieve the kicks I perform, and world-class athletes want to improve their range of motion and protect themselves against injuries. Preparing your mind and body to perform at its optimum level is fundamental to any sport. I produced "Secrets of Splits & Flexibility" to help athletes reach their full potential and to achieve the success they desire.
In this video, I present my training techniques and proven solutions designed to alleviate back pain, knee problems, and other debilitating ailments. 

I demonstrate unique stretches and exercises that will enable you to attain a level of flexibility that usually requires years of training; and I will demonstrate to you the correct order in which to do them. This will enable your body to open up faster, thereby allowing you to get into splits more rapidly, safely, and with confidence. You will also discover that this workout provides anti-aging benefits. My techniques will help you overcome stiff joints and that "hunched-over" posture, which limits the activities you are able to participate in.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, young or old, these exercises will help and challenge you. They will give you a firm foundation as you embark on your journey to be "the best that you can be."