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The Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System

The Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System

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Running time 1:12 Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

 The Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System:  Stacey  guides Flyer Cheerleader Bella through her system and addresses some previous injuries caused by not being properly warmed up before Cheer Practice.

Sadly, Many well-meaning coaches of all sports do not have the tools of how to guide their athletes through a proper flexibility training program, which can cause many painful injuries and set-backs. Sometimes to the point of having to quit their beloved sport or activity.  Stacey's sincere intention is to show that there  is a better way to enjoy stretching, deepen splits, leg holds, back-bends and perform without force or pain.

Short bonus module showing how to time right use of the breathe to jump higher after being safely warmed up.